At Home Halloween 2017 Store Walkthrough

halloween at home 2017

Halloween has already appeared at Michaels, Joanns and Cracker Barrel, but perhaps the store most on the ball is At Home. We haven’t had an At Home for long, having formerly been a Garden Ridge store only a few years ago. While I miss the craft section that Garden Ridge had, I can’t be too disappointed because this store has brought its A-game to Halloween.

And just as with Michaels, I’ve made sure you can see the latest finds with a video store walkthrough.

Even with ten minutes in length, I was still unable to get all the items they had. That’s just how large their selection was.

In the next few days, I’ll be adding more store walkthroughs including Joann’s and Cracker Barrel.

halloween at home 2017

Halloween Finds at Michaels – 2017!

halloween michaels skeleton

It seems that Halloween items appear earlier and earlier with each passing year. Michaels has just recently put out all their new Halloween items and, being as it’s one of my favorite Halloween stops, I was in the door as soon as I heard about it.

All the usual suspects are here. I’ve even made a video so you can see what’s returning and what’s new this year.

My particular location didn’t seem to have what I refer to as the “pumpkin area” merchandised yet where they display all the different faux pumpkins with ideas of how to DIY them in various styles, but hopefully that will be coming soon. Coming soon, I’ll be uploading a DIY on how to make a really cool flaming eyes Frankenstein head using Michael’s plaster Frank head.

halloween at michaels 2017