Halloween all year long? Oh yes.

Halloween may just be one day a year, but Halloween is bigger than that. An ever growing holiday that seems to grow in popularity more with each passing year, Halloween is just magic. There’s no stress about getting the right gift or whether or not Aunt Myrtle will like your glazed ham. Instead, Halloween is just a Halloween for the joy of it. Yes, we still plan and make and prepare, but we do it all because we love it. Halloween is a holiday centered around story, and that’s what makes it so magical.

My name is Kelly and I have loved Halloween since, well, at least as far back as I can remember. I have fond memories of the streets being crowded with costumed children in plastic masks and aprons, with their wee little plastic pumpkin buckets growing more full with candy as the night wore on. As I grew older, I got into the haunting, DIYing and party aspect of Halloween and I can tell you: Halloween is one of those holidays that can be fun no matter what age you are.

Halloween Meow is a blog dedicated to all the great things about Halloween. Costumes. Decor. Haunting. Ghost stories. Horror movies. Baking. DIY. If it’s Halloween, it’s here. And it doesn’t stop after October 31st. Here, Halloween is all year long.


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